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Channel Glasses


When it comes to something that you will be wearing every day, it is important to get it right. We can help you find eyewear that is stylish as well as comfortable.


Eyewear is one of the most important things you put on every day – whether it is to compliment your look or allow you to see to your maximum potential. Usually, it’s a bit of both. 


We offer a wide selection of frames from high fashion, independent brands to functional frames.


  You can leave the fitting part to us, trusting we will guide you and offer advice, while you find the perfect looking pair of specs.

Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses
Chanel Glasses


If you want to protect your eyes, prescription sunglasses are a great idea. With these frames, you can help to give your eyes some relief from UV rays which can be present whether it looks sunny or not.


Utilising prescription sunglasses can help you to avoid the harmful rays which can lead to extensive eye damage if you continue to be exposed to them over time.


Due to these added properties, prescription sunglasses are worth using to keep your eyes healthy and protect you from the sunshine, especially if you like to spend a lot of time outdoors.


At Appelman and Charman, we are proud to supply a range of lenses including single focus, varifocal, bifocal as well as different finishes and coatings that you can choose to enhance and protect your lens including anti-scratch, anti-glare and transition lenses. Further, our experienced dispensing team is on hand to help you make the right choice depending on your prescription and lifestyle.

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