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3D OCT Scan Machine


A quick and painless way to take cross-section images of many parts of your eyes.


Our OCT (optical coherence tomography) allows us to look at underlying layers of key structures within your eyes allowing accurate and often early diagnosis.


We can view blood vessels, layers of the retina, and drainage channels – all within a couple of minutes and without touching your eye.

OCT scan showing macula.jpg
OCT Eye Test Machine


Very quick and simple!

You will sit comfortably with your chin and forehead supported. 


All you need to do is look where your optometrist tells you – at a cross or light.


That is it – they do the rest and it only takes a couple of minutes. The only discomfort for you is a bright light, like having your photo taken close up. 

The results are instant and our optometrist will discuss the images ensuring you are fully informed and follow up as necessary.

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